xaxada for Today and the Future
xaxada - Building automation and Smart Home - the most modern and simple technology - your first choice for all real estate.
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Family House with xaxada
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Apartment Building with xaxada
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xaxada extension – Parking

Car numbers are read and recognized automatically.If the number is known, access to the parking lot, garage, etc. is granted. The barrier is opened. The

xaxada extension – Virtual relay

xaxada introduces the virtual relay and thus brings artificial intelligence and decision-making processes into your building. With the virtual relays, which can be switched on

What is xaxada?

Smart home and building automation.

In the area of houses and apartments – from the point of view of the residents – we speak of Smart Home. Property managers, logisticians, as well as industrial and commercial real estate are often referred to as building automation. The one is no longer different from the other. The optimization of access, electricity, heating and cooling is the basis of all automation – including the optimization of solar energy.

xaxada was trimmed from the beginning, together with house owners, tenants and administrations, for completeness and user-friendliness. xaxada is comprehensive and yet as easy for the user as making a phone call. xaxada restores rights in the property to residents and users that were only accessible to experts for many years. The logical adaptation of a door lock, a push-button or a motion detector can also be configured by a layperson. Expensive support is not necessary. The adaptation of xaxada for your home is simple and is done without specialists, situational quickly, without delay with a graphical interface, click-click. xaxada is not only child’s play to operate – it is also fun.

Safety is a top priority.

Decide when and which functions trigger an email or even generate an alarm. Set your home to “Bio” at the touch of a button. Electricity flows only where absolutely necessary. Decide whether third parties can gain access to your building from outside, or whether you strictly prohibit the external effect. xaxada knows who, when and where has access and allows a smooth walk through main doors, staircase, laundry room, bicycle cellar, and much more. Keys are no longer a discussion, with a fingertip, with or without password, rooms open as if by magic. Changes in the house can be quickly mapped without service specialists and thus save a lot of money.

 Any movement; any switching can result in an email for your safety and at your request; trigger an alarm; entirely according to your wishes. Decide for yourself which functions may only be used in the house and which circuits you would like to provide remotely on the Internet. Third parties also need access from time to time; no problem; create a scheduled link in seconds that is no longer accessible after a few minutes, an hour or days, for example. You want to lend your colleague the bike; send him a link by email and he can open the cellar in the next 15 minutes; after that the link has no function anymore. xaxada does not need any app’s or installation on your smartphone, your tablet, your computer, because all functions are available in common web browsers.


With xaxada you can control your doors, lights, blinds, heating and much more via your smartphone.


How does xaxada work?

xaxada controls relays; dimmers, valves, contacts, sensors. xaxada uses the LAN or WIFI network in your company or at your home. xaxada requires no additional cabling and is therefore inexpensive to install. The radio signal – WIFI (Wireless) can also be used instead of the cables for xaxada as a base. For the technically experienced – TCP/IP – is the basis of xaxada communication. This protocol is the basis of every computer, every SmartPhone and every tablet; worldwide from Zurich to Paris, New York, Beijing and Moscow. With an internet line you are able to serve xaxada worldwide. The Internet is only an option for xaxada and not a must. If security is a top priority, Internet access is not required for the corresponding functions.


What xaxada can do

Access Control
Climate / Heating / Ventilation
Alarm and Action
Voice Control
Save Energy
Sensor Technology / Fairs / Rules
Parking Space
Evaluating and “Accounting”
and much more…