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Serves new and old devices in your buildings
No apps and no smartphone installation necessary
Works in any browser, like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge
Living in the building - Living the building
Wireless, WIFI and LAN capable
xaxada - Smart Home

xaxada is suited for old and new buildings. The intelligent xaxada house technology increases comfort and quality of your everyday life. Adjustment and planning costs are greatly reduced. Discover new possibilities in dealing with access controls, light, blinds, heating, ventilation, alarms and much more.

Composing lights in different scenes, adjusting the heating and temperatures as usual at home or externally, granting access authorisations, automatically lowering blinds, setting the building to organic mode, differentiated alarms, these are just some of the strengths of xaxada. If desired, each function can be used as a voice command.

The clear and modern design allows easy working - even for amateurs. Operation and configuration is based on the latest browser architecture (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge ...) with "xaxada at your fingertips" and requires no installation of any programs or apps. Every smartphone, every tablet and every computer allows the worldwide use of xaxada. The integration of classic buttons and switches simplifies the intuitive use of building technology - according to the motto, it doesn't always have to be a computer.

xaxada also uses its classic and secure computer network. No further bus architecture is required, making xaxada the number 1 choice. xaxada is the ideal solution for old and new buildings, for private homes or commercial buildings, wired and/or via radio links. xaxada adapts to its environment.

xaxada is the first choice for the large "Smart Building" and also for the small selective intelligent adaptation at home.