xaxada with Handicap

With xaxada, social coexistence becomes a digital part of everyday life. xaxada adapts your house or apartment to your vitality. It also enables you to stay safe in your own home. xaxada eliminates the need for keys, cards and reading stations. Thanks to a simple and user-friendly installation, you can adapt xaxada to new circumstances at any time, whether you are technically experienced friends or your family.

The unattainable becomes attainable again. Disabilities no longer mean borders. This applies to the local building and in the community via the Internet. Security comes first. Alarms and corresponding actions are a component of xaxada. Battery-free wireless pushbuttons are installed at easily accessible locations or even attached to the wheelchair. Motion detectors can automatically activate doors and lights. Spitex, delivery and meal services receive individual authorisations. The xaxada “Cockpit” allows the creation and adjustment of access rights with a few clicks. The operating elements such as radio buttons, voice commands and others are designed according to the customer’s needs. Video and door intercoms are available everywhere. Dangerous electrical and household appliances are automatically switched off. Entrances, heating, shutters and lights are centrally controlled. xaxada reduces energy costs. There are no costs for expensive key systems.

What xaxada can do

Access Control
Climate / Heating / Ventilation
Alarm and Action
Voice Control
Save Energy
Sensor Technology / Fairs / Rules
Parking Space
Evaluating and “Accounting”
and much more…