Office with xaxada

Customize your office to the needs of your employees. Light and temperature can be individually adjusted. Access controls allow keyless opening. Employees are given exactly the rights they need in the building. xaxada eliminates the need for keys, cards and reading stations. Thanks to a simple and user-friendly installation, you can adapt xaxada to new conditions yourself at any time.

Offices adapt to your employees. People feel comfortable when the temperature is right, light can be individually adjusted, blinds adapt to the sunshine. Simple access controls enable individualisation – who may use which door and when. The factors described can often only be realised with expensive structures. xaxada is the inexpensive solution for all these questions. The costs are low not only for the basic installation, but also for maintenance and adaptation. xaxada does not require any installation on your smartphone, tablet or computer, as all functions can be called up in a standard web browser.

What xaxada can do

Access Control
Climate / Heating / Ventilation
Alarm and Action
Voice Control
Save Energy
Sensor Technology / Fairs / Rules
Parking Space
Evaluating and “Accounting”
and much more…