xaxada Handicap

With xaxada, social coexistence becomes a digital everyday life.

The unattainable becomes attainable again. Disabilities no longer mean limitations.

This applies to the local building and the community via internet. Security comes first.

Alarms and appropriate reactions are a component of xaxada. Battery-free wireless buttons can be installed at easily accessible locations or even attached to the wheelchair.

Motion detectors can automatically activate doors and lights. Spitex, delivery and meal services receive individual authorisations.

The xaxada "Cockpit" allows the creation and adjustment of access authorisations with just a few clicks.

The control elements such as wireless buttons, voice commands and others are designed according to the customer's requirements. Video and door intercoms are available everywhere.

Dangerous electrical and household appliances are automatically switched off. Entrances, heating, shutters and lights are controlled centrally.

xaxada reduces energy costs. There are no costs for expensive key systems.

The future belongs to the digitally networked property "Smart Home" and its integration into the environment.

For xaxada no apps are necessary; no installation. Logical adjustments are made quickly and efficiently.



Door opening and closing in general
magnetic locks
Electro-mechanical cylinders
Time restrictions on door opening
Door opening according to calendar
Connecting the door opening to other functions such as light, alarm, etc.
Door opening according to user rights (Login)
Authorizations in connection with various sensors


Individual ON / OFF of the single lights
Grouping the lights into logical units
Connecting the lighting control with other functions such as door opening, blinds, etc.
Time restrictions for lighting control, e.g. for stairwells
Lighting control according to calendar
Light control with light measurement (LUX)
Light control in connection with various sensors


Blinds UP / DOWN
Single blind control
Grouping blinds into logical units
Connecting blind control to other functions such as light, heating, etc.
Time restrictions of the blind control
Shading control by calendar
Shutter control with light measurement (LUX)
Shutter control with wind measurement
Shutter control in connection with various sensors


Any temperature measuring points can be linked to logical temperature fields
Individual ON / OFF of individual water channels / radiators
Grouping heating cables into logical units
Control of the base pumps
Connecting the heating control with other functions, such as blinds, etc.
Temporal limitations of the heating output, e.g. night reduction
Heat output according to calendar
Hot water control in connection with various sensors


Switching with common wired pushbuttons
Switching with radio buttons
Switching with tablets
Switching with door sensors
Various sensors act as switches (e.g. motion detectors)


Box ON / OFF
Single box control
Grouping sockets into logical units
Connecting the sockets to other functions such as light, heating, etc.
Time restrictions of the socket connection
Socket control by calendar
Box switching in conjunction with various sensors


No specialists required for xaxada adaptation
New – or changed – walls are no longer an obstacle, as every switch, every sensor is assigned its new task in no time at all
Each sensor or switching position can be repositioned without intervention


Arbitrary security levels
Switching without login – e.g. light switch
Switching with confirmation
Switching with code
Switching only with previous login and verification

Local & International

Definition of rights
Allow switching only in the local network
Allow switching via internet
Assignment of rights at function, group or user level

Server and User

Programming in the browser – no app – no installation necessary – mouse control
Application in the browser – no app – no installation necessary – mouse or smartphone control
No programming knowledge required for customizations