With xaxada you can configure your home, office or hotel as you like and simplify your everyday life. You can operate doors, lights, blinds and heating. With the help of measuring devices, you can keep the temperature in the house constant at the same temperature and you can find out wind speeds and use these to either close or open the blinds. You can close doors for a certain time and open them again the next morning. xaxada also supports voice control, which allows you to use all commands via voice control. You can also connect your multimedia devices. All this is only a small part that xaxada can do for you.

Doors and Gates

With xaxada, doors in your buildings can be managed as desired – automatically closed or opened at certain times. Authorizations – local and temporal – secure your property. With a few clicks you create an authorization and send it to the recipients. The recipient can immediately use the link without any additional installations. Commercial buildings and apartment buildings are organized keyless. Main doors, parking spaces, basement doors, bicycle rooms, offices, logistics rooms are assigned individually. Doors in old and new buildings – wired and/or wireless – are supported.

  • Door opening and closing in general
  • Magnetic locks
  • Electro-mechanical cylinders
  • Alarm
  • Time restrictions on door opening
  • Door opening according to calendar
  • Connecting the door opening with other functions
  • Door opening according to user rights (Login)
  • Authorizations in connection with various sensors


With xaxada, light switches and light sources become independent of each other in the office, in the factory, in the house or apartment. Decide which lights are switched on and off and which lights are dimmed at the push of a single button. Design your personal lighting combinations for eating, reading or watching television – with just a few clicks.

Your company receives central lighting control. Whether production or service, your employees are more productive thanks to individual lighting. In the evening you deactivate any light in the company at the touch of a button.

  • Individual ON / OFF of the single lights
  • Grouping the lights into logical units
  • Connecting the lighting control with other functions
  • Time restrictions for lighting control
  • Lighting control according to calendar
  • Light control with light measurement
  • Light control in connection with various sensors



Let the bedroom flood with light in the morning to gently wake you up. While you are away, your blinds react to the sun’s rays to keep the room at comfort temperature. xaxada uses temperature sensors to decide for you whether the shading should be active or not.

The safety position is automatically taken when the wind is too strong and privacy protection is provided in the dark. You can decide at the push of a button that no or only certain automations take place during your presence.

  • Blinds UP / DOWN
  • Single blind control
  • Grouping the blinds into logical units
  • Connecting the store controls with other functions
  • Time restrictions for shading control
  • Shading control by calendar
  • Shutter control with light measurement and/or Windmessung¨
  • Shading controls in connection with various sensors


With xaxada, your home is always at a comfortable temperature. Nobody is at home – xaxada lowers the temperatures. Intelligently controlled, heating and cooling work optimally. The automated shading complements the temperature control. This combines climate and shading excellently. xaxada controls floor heating, radiators and electric heating for you. The control of the boiler, flow and room temperatures allows an optimal weighing. If one or the other element fails, xaxada immediately alarms.

  • Any temperature measuring points can be linked to logical temperature fields
  • Individual ON / OFF of individual radiators
  • Grouping the heating cables into logical units
  • Control for base pumps
  • Connecting the heating control with other functions
  • Temporal limitations of the heat output
  • Heat output according to calendar
  • Hot water controls in connection with various sensors

Boundless Alerts

    Concentrate on your everyday life and let xaxada keep watch for you during your absence. Protect your loved ones, allow seniors to stay longer in their home, monitor your valuables. Cameras, door and window contacts, light barriers, CO detectors, fire sensors or motion detectors are the eyes and ears of xaxada.
  • Emergency access control for third parties
  • Alarm in case of presence or absence
  • Water and fire alarms notify, open and close automatically
  • Control and status check from any location
  • Alarm notification by call, SMS or e-mail
  • Automated scenes

Modern and Classic Controllers

xaxada works with conventional wired buttons, modern remote controls, radio and with many Internet-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers. Wired pushbuttons, wireless pushbuttons, switches or web switches in the browser connect older and new worlds. xaxada supports voice control. Everyone uses xaxada according to their wishes, classic as usual or modern with new devices. The physical or logical operating elements can be freely combined. Voice input complements xaxada and allows the operation of any device connected to xaxada. All commands can also be automated, e.g. depending on light, weather, temperature, time of day or presence. Create a voice command with a few clicks and combine it with the desired actions. The voice control can take over the function of all switches if these actions have been created. 

  • Switching with normal wired pushbuttons
  • Switching with radio buttons
  • Switching with Tablets
  • Switching with door sensors
  • Various sensors act as switches
  • Actions by voice command

What xaxada can do

Access Control
Climate / Heating / Ventilation
Alarm and Action
Voice Control
Save Energy
Sensor Technology / Fairs / Rules
Parking Space
Evaluating and “Accounting”
and much more…