Protect people and buildings from pandemic or epidemic with xaxada

Protect people and buildings from corona virus with xaxada

The spread of the corona virus in Europe requires an intensified discussion – how can people and buildings be protected? 

The solutions considered here are not absolute and not medical in nature. 

The issue is – to stem the spread of the virus and thus reduce the risk of infection.
Real estate owners and those responsible for them have a duty to protect people who work or live in them.
not to expose them to unnecessary danger. It is inconceivable not to take all reasonable
to have taken measures, therefore people get hurt and unexpected
to let situations of hatred arise.

What questions must a real estate manager ask himself:

1. can the system be adapted easily and quickly without experts?
a. Do I have the necessary authorisations?
b. Is the control interface so simple that I can also act as a layman in a stress situation?

2. Too many people have access without urgent necessity?
a. I will adapt this immediately!
b. I do not need any experts for this?

3. in an emergency, access can be efficiently and immediately withdrawn without consulting the authorised persons?
a. Are the procedures prepared?
b. Can I react at the push of a button?

4. access must be granted remotely for third parties – internet is possible?
a. Third parties must have access in between!
b. Is this prepared with simple functions?
c. Can I do this remotely, i.e. via Internet?
d. Am I connected to cameras so that I can see what is happening?

5. are there time limits for opening doors and gates?
a. It makes no sense that the time intervals are too generous
b. Restrict the duration of the opening so that third parties do not have uncontrolled access

6. e.g. entry only possible after hand disinfection (and similar)
a. It makes sense to force entrants into a process that reduces the risk of the virus spreading
b. For example, a door can only be opened after the disinfector has been mechanically operated.

7. ventilation / forced ventilation must be activated / deactivated
a. Ventilation is sometimes a spinner for germs
b. Often no filters are installed to prevent the spread of micro-organisms
c. Can you deactivate the central ventilation system immediately?
d. Can windows be opened as an alternative?

8. controls and logs of movements in the building are necessary – burden of proof!
a. The activities of people in the buildings must be stored in a log file
b. This makes it possible to trace the whereabouts and routes of people
c. As the person responsible for real estate, you have such a permanent proof that everything possible has been done to prevent

9. locks must be implemented in the simplest possible way
a. With obstacles provisionally erected and controlled, they prevent easy passage and can create conditions for walking on

10. adapt the logical procedures and create new functions must be possible for the layperson – waiting for the installer or expert is not an option
a. With its web-based interface, xaxada offers a layman the possibility to carry out professional adjustments himself

What xaxada can do

Access Control
Climate / Heating / Ventilation
Alarm and Action
Voice Control
Save Energy
Sensor Technology / Fairs / Rules
Parking Space
Evaluating and “Accounting”
and much more…