How does xaxada work?

xaxada controls relays; dimmers, valves, contacts, sensors. xaxada uses the LAN or WIFI network in your company or at your home. xaxada requires no additional cabling and is therefore inexpensive to install. The radio signal – WIFI (Wireless) can also be used instead of the cables for xaxada as a base. For the technically experienced – TCP/IP – is the basis of xaxada communication. This protocol is the basis of every computer, every SmartPhone and every tablet; worldwide from Zurich to Paris, New York, Beijing and Moscow. With an internet line you are able to serve xaxada worldwide. The Internet is only an option for xaxada and not a must. If security is a top priority, Internet access is not required for the corresponding functions.

xaxada has an advantage over many competitors, as no so-called proprietary protocols and no corresponding hardware are required. According to the motto: “keep it simple”. xaxada is always online – each component can be reached in fractions of a second thanks to computer networks and / or radio. An adjustment takes place centrally, simply on a website. You decide whether a function may only take place in the building or is available via the Internet. Thanks to a sophisticated cluster technology, a small dozing second central computer takes over the tasks of the system in case of a technical problem. This is particularly useful for company premises and large properties, so that work can be carried on without delay.

How does xaxada stand out from the competition?

Installations and adaptations can be done by any local electrician without special training. This means that your local partner is also your xaxada installer at all times. If you are interested in technology, you can do a lot yourself. The planning is simple and it minimizes the initial effort massively. Stocking up is very easy to realize. Configuration of the system is done by the user himself. Radio-based xaxada systems are installed and programmed by the user without the need for external help. Apps and programs are not necessary. Browser like Google Chrome, FireFox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, etc. are the windows to xaxada. xaxada serves a single room or several thousand employees – small and large – it is always the same software – the same technology. Conclusion: save costs during planning, installation, application and retrofitting.

How secure is this technology?

You assign the necessary security to each function. You decide whether a circuit is only allowed locally or also via the Internet. xaxada can only be used locally for high security requirements and does not use the Internet. Security has been implemented at all levels – from the operating system to the secure query of the application.

What xaxada can do

Access Control
Climate / Heating / Ventilation
Alarm and Action
Voice Control
Save Energy
Sensor Technology / Fairs / Rules
Parking Space
Evaluating and “Accounting”
and much more…